You can’t teach someone an Insight

Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle? If you have you will know that time when you just pick up a piece and put it directly in the right place without any thought. Somehow you have taken in all the information about colour and shape and how things fit together, which of course you know intellectually that is how jigsaws work, but you haven’t used intellect. You just did it. And you can’t explain to someone how that works, but when they have experienced it they get it.

Is life like a jigsaw puzzle?

Sometimes you think a piece fits but, when the other pieces are around it, it doesn’t quite. And sometimes you just get in a flow and everything works and the pieces just go in. And you find more without even looking. Except of course you are looking but you don’t always find the piece you are looking for, but then another one pops up.

I could explain to you how to do a puzzle. Old style computer programs could do one a piece at a time by trial and error. New AI programs can take in more information about pattern and shape and colour, but they can’t have an insight into how it works, and they can’t just see something unless they are looking for it.

All the pieces are there and they will all fit together. And if there is a piece missing that’s OK because you can still see the picture. If half the pieces are missing get a new puzzle. You are not the puzzle. You are the person doing the puzzle. Don’t like the picture? Do a new puzzle.