Eat Real Food, Not too Often, Mostly Cow (other animals are available)

Obesity is a disease of Hunger. Are you fat because you eat too much, or do you eat too much because you are fat? If you think about a growing child they eat more calories than they expend, they are not growing because they eat more, they eat more because they are growing. It is hormonal.

Most overweight people have insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that, among other things, drives glucose into your cells and stores excess glucose as fat. If you are insulin resistant this process doesn’t work efficiently and your body secretes more insulin than it should, which drives your glucose down without feeding your cells and stores it as fat.  Very quickly you are hungry again.  You are driven to eat more and are attracted to fake food and fast carbohydrates like sugar, bread, rice, and potatoes which turn quickly to glucose and give you short relief from your “Hanger” before Insulin spikes and packs it away as fat.  And so it goes on. Your belly is stealing your food.

To break the cycle you need to reduce Insulin. Insulin is only secreted when you eat, particularly when you eat Carbohydrate.  When there is no insulin available your body is signaled to burn your stored fat for energy (instead of glucose) and so you lose weight. By intermittent fasting and/or eating a very low carbohydrate high fat diet (LCHF) you achieve a state of nutritional ketosis, where you burn ketones instead of glucose and  you don’t get hungry. Result.

Leave plenty of time between meals and reduce the window in the day when you eat to 8 hours or less to give your body a chance to repair, digest and burn your own fat. When you do eat choose nutrient dense food. The most nutrient dense food available to us is fatty meat. Ruminants (cows, goats, sheep etc) are amazing machines that convert nutrient poor grass (that we can’t eat) to nutrient rich milk and meat (yum).

To lose weight and regain your health Eat Real Food, Not too often, Mostly Cow.